Sitara has been working in the  creativity  area for many years exploring they way to create consciously. She is a  certified Osho Active Meditation therapists. Sitara has been an Osho Sannyasin since 2003. She lived permanently in India for 7 years and travel the world with the most well known masters including Dalai Lama, Sad Guru, Ama Ji and  Devi Ma. She certified in Pune, India to facilitate Osho Active Mediations through out the world. This active meditations have been created to experience No Mind effortless. 

Sitara combines her meditation discipline with workshops for kids and Adults, she has been trained to offer Thai Massage , Foot massage and Shantala Massage. 

She  combines her meditation discipline with her own Fashion Label Hippy Heart ( an exclusive Boho- chic brand) and Artistars ( a brand for art collectors) 

Her latest creation is The Move-ment;  a Be Here Now Experience. She Co-founded this idea to celebrate and experience  the Here and Now in a unique space where going  inward its  safe, fun and effortless. This is event is happening in Miami , FL every three months and tends to build up a conscious community of creative, caring and loving souls.  Their goal is to spread the word all around the world.