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Online Meditations

You know meditation is good for you. But, maybe you’re not sure how to begin. Try one of these guided meditations I prepared to get you started.

Reduce Stress

Meditación relajante donde podrás cambiar la calidad de tu respiración. Descansa tu mente unos minutos y conecta contigo a través de esta respiración. Respira consciente para poder vivir mejor. Music by Zoel Music

Love Meditation

Guided practice to breathe in Love and breath out Love. When we bring this awareness to our breath, magic happens and the quality of breathing changes. A short reminder that our breathing is the best meditation. Music by Zoel Music

1 1 1 1

Connect, recognize and accelerate opportunities, manifestations and elevate your frequency. 1111 it’s a sign from the Universe and an invitation to expand your consciousness. Music by Zoel Music

Be One with the Light

Be one with the Light Meditation is the road map of Theta Healingª. Guided by Sitara meditation you will enter a deep Theta Brainwave pattern supported with Binaural Bets, aligning your subconscious with the energy of creation. When in Theta Brainwave state, your body and mind will experience a cellular regeneration and a healing experience. This state will also optimise your immune system and bring integration to your body, mind Soul.