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Own Your Power. A Life Plan to Become the Master of Your Life

Human beings are incredible. An unlimited source of inspiration. We all carry a miraculous power within us, ready to be activated at any time.

However, the hectic pace of modern life, the oversaturation of information that we absorb, and the excess of emotions and mind activity we engage in collectively disconnect us from this power.

This book is an initiation into activating the power within. It provides a straightforward and easy to follow self-cultivation and self-growth master plan. In this journey to self-mastery, the author presents 32 updated ancient techniques to help you become more aware of your freedom and live a life both with and from authenticity.

Sitara resided in Osho Ashram for 7 years and has shared profound meetings with the most renowned spiritual masters of this century, including the Dalai Lama, Sadhguru, Guruji and Ama ji. She has cultivated the art of meditation for more than 15 years and continues to enlighten others with her light and these proven techniques.

By the end of Own Your Power, you will understand how to let go, how to embrace emptiness, how to tune into existence, and to celebrate your life in your best and your highest.

About The Author

Sitara’s passionate purpose is igniting the master within people by supporting and reclaiming inner power through deep presence. She is the author of “Own Your Power”; a book that brings a deep transformation to its readers and practitioners.

Her devotion to a conscious path was always present throughout her life. She fully embodied herself as a seeker with a mission when she traveled around the world, alongside the most influential and respected spiritual masters of meditation, such as Osho, Dalai Lama, Sadhguru, Ama Ji, Guru Ji and Devi Ma. While residing in an ashram in India for more than 7 years, she cultivated the art of meditation, being certified to teach and share the medicine of meditation.

Sitara worked as an actress for many years, including appearing in “Al Salir De Clase” – a popular sitcom in Spain, before fully dedicating herself to her spiritual journey.

With “Own Your Power”, Sitara shares a life plan that is designed to enable anyone to apply meditation to everyday life.

She continues to ignite the inner master within all of her students, while transmitting her vision to cultivate a planet filled with empowered creators.

When you Own your Power you will understand:


What People are saying

“This book is really a meditation encyclopedia to keep in your heart. Its structure and content is a masterpiece. In its four chapter you will find the four levels of consciousness to develop and manifest the divine being that you are.”

Mabel Iam

“If you want an initiation into meditation, this books is the way to go. Sitara guides you with honesty and gentleness yet straight to the core of what meditations is. A must for seekers!”

Saphal Ji