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Theta Healing Courses

Welcome to the world of ThetaHealing®, one of the most effective healing modalities for spiritual, emotional and physical healing on the planet today.
 Theta Healing allows digging into the soul through a step by step method that will uncover and create awareness of negative experiences, understanding where, when, how, and with who we have adopted certain perceptions, rules and limiting beliefs.

Basic DNA

Couples Session


The Theta Healing Technique which will give you the ability to transform your beliefs and emotions, as well as to heal yourself and others. In this interactive seminar, you will learn the ThetaHealing ® technique and be certified to be a Theta Healer practitioner. Basic DNA introduces ThetaHealing ® techniques and focuses on activating the 12 strands of DNA within each participant. Students experience an opening to the Unconditional Love of the Creator.

How many sessions will I need?

We will start  with one individual for each partner and then one together. With a  total of three sessions. The amount of sessions needed after this 3 sessions will vary for each couple and what they want to accomplish. Many times clients will experience a big shift within this three session, however sometimes the belief systems around the issues are more complex and need deeper belief work done over a few sessions to achieve their desired change.

What should I do to prepare for my session?

Come into the session with an attitude and intention of wanting positive change and being ready for positive change It Before our meeting have this things prepare:

  • Each person will prepare an individual list with 3 things you will like to change/ release in your relation

  • Each person will prepare an individual list with 3 things you will like to have more in your relation

  • Drink at least 5 glasses of water before our meeting.

    Its important to be fully hydrated. Our body its mostly water and this holds memory .. we want the new codes to be accepted totally within your body and we might need to do muscle testing to a deeper belief that you are holding to.

How do I proceed with my session ?

Once you have book your three session you will receive a private link with a password for each meeting. We will meet at the schedule time virtually though this link. This is a Zoom password you don’t need to have an account although sometimes it might ask you to download.

What to do after the session?

After our session you will need some time to integrate everything you experience. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Keep drinking water and stay hydrated.You may feel a shift, or you may not feel anything in particular during or right after your session. Your energy will have changed, but whether you feel or retain this depends on several things. For example, you must know how to know and what it feels like when something subtle or not so subtle changes in you. 

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